Side Shift Conveyor System

Side Shift Conveyor System Project Details: Autronics have manufactured three side-shift conveyor lines capable of shifting up to 40T of sheet steel for Bluescope Steel in Malaga Western Australia. This included a safety scanner to protect operators and personnel working in the area. In addition, Autronics provided a tamping unit to level the end of …

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human machine interface upgrade

Donhad HMI Upgrade

Donhad HMI Upgrade Project Details: Autronics installed a new HMI and push button assembly at a steel mill in Perth, WA. This was designed to be IP65 and endure significant abuse, heat and airborne metallic dust. Upgrade Your Business For The Future If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S hazards or decrease labour costs; …

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tooling head thumbnail

Robot Tool Refurbishment

Tooling Refurbishment Project Details: Much like the conveyor – this robot tool had performed in excess of 5 years service with minimal upkeep. Autronics were able to strip it down and give it a new lease of life. Images Previous Next Upgrade Your Business For The Future If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S …

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Pallet Scanner Vision System

Pallet Scanner Vision System Project Details: Autronics have developed an image-based barcode scanning system which is capable of scanning up to 160 codes on a single pallet. Autronics also wrote and commissioning a PC-based application to communicate with ERP systems for inventory management and tracking. Images     Previous Next Upgrade Your Business For The …

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Printing Machine Rebuild Pfizer

Automated Labelling System Repair Project details: Autronics stripped down and completely rebuilt this 20 year old printing machine for Pfizer, Bentley WA. This allowed them to revitalise this machine and maintain their production with minimal capital outlay, and downtime. Images Previous Next Upgrade Your Business For The Future If you want to increase production, reduce …

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Wintech Longwire Prototype

Prototype Hotwire Machine Project details: Autronics assisted Wintech Engineering in the design, fabrication and programming of a new style of Foam Cutting Machine – the Wintech Longwire. This machine has a variable width between 1700mm and 6000mm, allowing customers to cut full 5m blocks of EPS across the machine, minimising production times and maximising throughput. …

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Foam Handling Robotic Cell

Foam Handling Robotic Cells Project Details: Foam, particularly Expanded Polystyrene, comes in large blocks that can require 2 or more personnel to move. Autronics have designed a simple vacuum gripper for a robot which removes the labour component from loading and unloading Foam Cutting machines like this Wintech Fastwire. Images Previous Next Upgrade Your Business …

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Baumer Control System Rebuild

Baumer Custom Control System Project Details: Autronics fitted out this 1984 Baeumer CNC Foam Cutting machine with modern switchgear and controllers to power the sturdy mechanical frame. This employed the latest Wintech Profiler software. By building a custom control system for this machine, it meant the client could continue to use it for minimal capital …

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