Robotic Cell Build Rhino

Roll Former Tending Robot Robotic Cell Rebuild Autronics designed and fabricated a custom tool for measuring and picking rolled curved corrugated water tank sections and straight galvanised angle as the parts were produced directly off a roll forming machine. This dropped two staff off the process and eliminated the OH & S risks associated with …

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tag inserter automated

RFID Tag Inserter

RFID Tag Inserter Customised Automation Solutions Autronics were contacted by a plastic injection moulding company, who wanted to place RFID tags in their products during the moulding process. Twenty of these miniscule tags needed to be placed into the mould, ideally without interrupting the injection cycle time. As there was only thirty seconds available for …

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batten stacker

Batten Stacker

Batten Stacker Custom Automation Project Helps Roofing Company This is a bespoke machine which was selected instead of an industrial robotic solution due to both cost and lead time. As it moves product in two axes, with a rotation, a robot wasn’t strictly required and as such Autronics designed a machine around two linear gantry …

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