CNC Robotic Machining Cell

rupert the robotic cell working on the foam

Automated Machining Cell

Wintech’s industry knowledge and reputation, coupled with Autronics’ Robotics capabilities, naturally evolved to the design and construction of an in-house machining centre using a 6-Axis Industrial Robot. Primarily intended for 3D sculpting of foam, this robot is suited to manufacturing both high-volume production, and prototype parts.

The size and configuration of the Robotic Machining Centre is completely customisable, with options such as an integrated turntable available to add even more capability. Autronics offer this Robotic Machining Centre package complete with CAD / CAM Software ready-to-run.

Features of Our CNC machining cells

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With a machining bed measuring 2.7m x 1.0m, and able to reach heights up to 1.8m, the Machining robot is ready to create. To get even more out of it, Autronics have recently expanded the machining centre with automatic tool change capability, a large-scale vacuum table and integrated dust management system.

robotic machining cell creating moulds for a client

Benefits of Automating

  • Drastically improved production times
  • Allows a higher degree of accuracy and higher quality finished product with fewer errors. 
  • Minimises wasted materials and time.
  • Increased safety for workers as they aren’t putting their bodies at risk. 

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Upgrade Your Business For The Future

If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S hazards or decrease labour costs; implementing automation systems could be the solution you need!