Roll Former Tending

Automated Roll Former Tending Cells

The roll forming industry provides solutions for flat sheet steel products – but what do you do if you are making curved or contoured products, such as rainwater tanks?

Autronics have developed a robotic cell which is able to accommodate any profile and shape and integrates directly with your mill. This eliminates significant OH&S concerns around manual tending as well as increasing uptime and machine availability.



How the Robotic Cells Work

The robot and roll former communicate to relay information and ensure safe and efficient operation, meaning your operator can control the entire system from the existing control station.

Additionally, the cell vastly improves packing and palletising repeatability and allows for partially packed jobs to be loaded back into the system – using barcodes to recognize the job and sensors to detect how many sheets are already on the pallet.

An optional sensor pack will also measure the rolled diameter in real time, comparing it to the expected dimension from the roll former. Not only does this make the robot able to adapt to changes, it also gives you a level of QA / QC on the fly.

robotic cell handling metal sheet

Benefits of Automating Machine Tending

  • Drastically improved uptime when compared to manual loading and unloading.
  • Productivity gains by boosting throughput.
  • More accurate and repeatable than manual loading and unloading.
    • Reducing errors
    • Minimizing wasted materials and time.
  • Increased safety for workers as they aren’t putting their bodies at risk doing manual loading.

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Upgrade Your Business For The Future

If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S hazards or decrease labour costs; implementing automation systems could be the solution you need!