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Autronics’ Mother company, Wintech Engineering, was founded in 1985 manufacturing CNC machines for the cutting and shaping of rigid foams. Over the years, Wintech machines grew in popularity and complexity, until it just made sense to expand into Robotics and Factory Automation.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Autronics has a prominent focus on Mechatronics, and offers complete in-house Engineering, Fabrication and Assembly services for all manner of projects. By building on a 30+ year history of manufacturing and supply fully automated machines around the globe, Autronics has the legacy of innovation, dependability, and industry experience to deliver state-of-the-art Factory Automation solutions to your business today.

Our Affiliated Companies

Autronics has two companies it associated with, which cover different aspects of the foam cutting industry.   Visit their sites to learn about the services they offer. 

CNC Contour Cutting Machines

Wintech Engineering is an Australian based company specialising in the manufacture of computer-controlled contour foam cutting and profiling machinery for the foam industry. These Machines are known for their small footprint, quick changeover from job to job, and ease of use. Wintech provides machine installation, on-site operator training and after sales service in over 25 countries around the world. Interested? Visit the Wintech Engineering website to learn more!


Custom Foam Cutting

Foam Shapers was established as a business in 2014 to provide bespoke work for artists and architects. Utilising a variety of Wintech machines, plus a 5-axis robotic routing arm courtesy of Autronics, it is possible to cut virtually any type of foam into complex 2D and 3D shapes. Backed by Wintech's 30 years in the foam industry, Foam Shapers is able to handle jobs of any size and especially enjoys unique and complicated cuts that are beyond the scope of other machines.

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