Servicing and Refurbishment

Bring New Life to Your Old Machines

Autronics have a highly skilled and diverse Team, who are willing and able to turn their hand not only to new opportunities, but also keep your existing investments running at peak potential. We provide on-site servicing and at-base complete restorations for automated equipment.

Conveying Lines

Featured above and to the right are before and after examples of maintenance work done for a clients modular roller conveyor system. Autronics was able to break down the system into it’s components and either repair/restore them or if necessary replace them. The end result was a restored  automated conveyor system that will keep providing value to the customer for many more years. 

repair work done on factory equipment

Robot cells and tooling

Looking to ensure that robotic cells are properly maintained?  You should, as automated machinery that is correctly maintained will have a longer life span and provide more value for money. 

Our experienced technicians and engineers have years of experience both developing robotic cell systems and their end of arm tooling as well as repairing and maintaining them.  

Onsite Servicing

The Autronics Engineers can come to you for maintenance or breakdown servicing and repair on all your automated equipment. Our technicians are known for their professionalism and the quality of their work. 

factory equipment repair

Looking for more examples of servicing - Repair Work?

Other examples of refurbishment and servicing repair work will be featured in either the portfolio section of our website or the news section. Be sure to regularly check these pages to learn about the latest projects we are working on or the latest news or events for Autronics.

Upgrade Your Business For The Future

If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S hazards or decrease labour costs; implementing automation systems could be the solution you need!