Custom Factory Automation

Customised Automation Solutions

In some cases, our customers need a highly specialised solution, which can’t be accommodated by the existing range of automated equipment and robotics. Alternatively, at times an industrial robot might invite too much cost, where the flexibility of the robot is not fully utilised. In these instances, Autronics have developed machines from the ground up, in close consultation with the client, to provide an engineering solution to their unique application.

This process begins with a series of meetings and site visits to develop a proposal which details the system, quantifies the performance indicators, provides conceptual models, and a budget quotation. Upon acceptance, Autronics work to refine the quotation and lead time to allow our customers to evaluate the business case.


Quality Automation ensured

When the system proposal and quotation is accepted, Autronics progress with the Engineering Design phase, and at the conclusion the client is presented with the finalised 3D CAD model, including their factory, along with process flowcharts, timing studies and operators interface details as appropriate.

Autronics perform all the fabrication and assembly in-house at our Perth factory, and are always open for inspections and consultations with our customers.

Once the machine is assembled and commissioned at our facility, our clients attend a Factory Acceptance Test, where each function of the machine is demonstrated and recorded. This provides an important opportunity for the customer to identify any concerns or shortfalls in the machine and in turn the facility for Autronics to rectify them before the machine gets to site.

custom automated drop stacker
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