Robotic Machine Loading

robotic machine loading

Robotic Machine Loading

Traditional means of loading and unloading sees your operators interfacing with machinery using forklifts, overhead cranes and lift assist mechanisms. Autronics provide a fully automated solution, where stock materials of any size can be picked from a stillage, magazine, or conveyor and repeatably loaded into your machines.

By removing manual lifting devices from the operation, the risk of damage to equipment is reduced, you claw back valuable floor space, and your machines are better utilised. Autronics can design cells to tend to multiple machines concurrently, to keep your plant doing more work, more of the time.

Benefits of Implementing Automated Machine Loading

  • Cost effective alternative to manual loading along with increased ROI.
  •  Eliminates human error that can become costly over time.
  •  Eliminates workplace injuries related to manual handling.
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Video Footage - Automated Foam Handling


Upgrade Your Business For The Future ​

If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S hazards or decrease labour costs; implementing automation systems could be the solution you need!