Vision Systems and Scanning

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Machine Vision Systems Are The Future

The focus on traceability and recording is growing in the age of factory automation. The scale and speed of production is accelerating, and therefore the demands on automated data capture needs to evolve along with it.

Pallet Scanner

Single-line barcode scanners along conveying lines are commonplace, but what if your pallet is already stacked? Autronics identified a need for manual palletising and packing lines to create a machine capable of scanning a complete pallet.

Using an image-based barcode reader, the system senses the pallet and drives up the height of the pallet. A turntable orients the pallet so each side is presented to the camera. A PC-based service, which can be hosted on your server to communicate directly with ERP software, reads in each barcode and, once the scan is complete, creates a unique pallet ID with all the packed boxes associated with it.

Able to be standalone or integrated into an existing conveying or wrapping line, the Autronics Pallet Scanner eliminates human error and oversight during the barcoding and scanning process and ensures full traceability from product to packing to pallet.

quality assurance

QA / QC Vision

Manual inspection, such as Go / No-Go gauges in manufacturing to counting chocolates in a tray, introduces potential for human error and, in turn, degrades the quality checking process. Autronics offer expertise in developing non-contact QA / QC vision systems for a wide variety of industries. 

Using complex vision systems and intelligent algorithms, Autronics’ vision system can identify defects in profiles or surfaces, missing parts, or incorrect packing. Additionally, each of these images can be captured, stored and saved for ultimate traceability.

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Upgrade Your Business For The Future

If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S hazards or decrease labour costs; implementing automation systems could be the solution you need!