Modular Conveying System

Modular Conveying System​

Conveyors are a low barrier to entry step towards reaping the benefits of factory automation. In order to make them available to our customers, it is imperative we engineer a solution which provides an  high quality, reliable end product to support your business and which also is a cost-effective, competitive replacement to your current operations. To that end, Autronics have invested time in developing a modular conveyor architecture which enables us to adapt existing designs to new applications in the blink of an eye.

This means your conveying solution will be well supported, well tried and readily available. As Autronics’ design strategy limits the re-work involved, the modular conveyor range is able to maintain the quality Autronics is proud to provide, while offering attractive commercial and cost upside.





Upgrade Your Business For The Future

If you want to increase production, reduce OH&S hazards or decrease labour costs; implementing automation systems could be the solution you need!